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Zeiss Victory NV 5.6x62 T

Ref. : 523007

Low light that cannot perceived by the naked eye is intensified approx. 20,000 x by the night scope and visualised on the green phosphorescent screen, magnified by factor 5.6. To learn more about us


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Zeiss Sport Optics binoculars and monoculars attain their inherent quality from the top quality components brought to bear. As you'd expect, Zeiss Sport Optics produces and process only the finest glass. Because Zeiss never-ending goal is to provide you with accurate color, stunning contrast, crisp imagery, and a lifetime of profoundly satisfying performance. Each model is rugged enough to endure the worst the world has to offer. Including weather that's in complete conflict with your adventures. Add to that, Zeiss binoculars and monoculars are backed by a Lifetime Transferable Warranty.

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