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Depending on your tastes and activities, sunglasses can be a high-performance product for sports and/or a matter of style. Choose your sunglasses according to the sun protection you want and the functionalities you are looking for. You'll find on our pages a high number of glasses from different shapes, colors, categories and materials. Our selection will be sporty, fashion or creative. Your dreams sunglasses might be just a click away!

We are qualified opticians, our selection of sunglasses is based on quality criteria in our 2 shops since 1993 in Chamonix Mont-Blanc.
We work closely with the best manufacturers of sunglasses, which allows us to always offer you the best.
Sunlight is vital to each of us. However, our eyes are very sensitive to it and it is imperative to protect them well.
There are four different categories of sunglasses. Each defines their use according to the intensity of sunlight.
A category 4 glass is intended for exceptional luminosity, it is prohibited to use it for driving. A category 3 glass is intended for high luminosity, category 2 at medium luminosity and category 1 at low luminosity.
Opt for polarized lenses, which provide better visual comfort, reduced glare from reverberation and UV protection.
Opt for mineral glasses, they offer you original purity, high resolution vision.
Opt for a photochromic glass, they adapt to the brightness depending on the weather.
Opt for a gradient glass, they give an undeniable style.
Find our sunglasses, those for the mountaineer to face a high luminosity, those of the sailor with polarizing lenses, the trends that will show the style to adopt in order to be always ahead, that of the designers to be unique

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