Depending on your tastes and activities, sunglasses can be a high-performance product for sports and/or a matter of style. Choose your sunglasses according to the sun protection you want and the functionalities you are looking for. You'll find on our pages a high number of glasses from different shapes, colors, categories and materials. Our selection will be sporty, fashion or creative. Your dreams sunglasses might be just a click away!

We are state graduated opticians, our selection of sunglasses is based on quality, in our 2 shops since 1993 in Chamonix Mont-Blanc.

We work closely with the best sunglasses' manufacturers, it allows us to always offer you the best.

Sunlight is vital for all of us, however our eyes are very sensitive to it, it is imperative to protect them well.

There are four different categories of sunglass lenses : Category 4, for use in exceptional level of sunlight, not suitable for drivers or road users / Category 3, for use in strong sunlight / Category 2, for use in average sunlight / Category 1, for use in weak sunlight.

Opt for polarized lenses, providing better visual comfort as it reduces the glare and protects from the UV rays.

Opt for photochromic lenses, adapting to the light, depending on the weather, you’ll only need one pair of sunglasses

Opt for mineral lenses, offering a high resolution vision, thanks to their original purity.