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Steiner Jumelle Safari Ultrasharp Pocket 8x22

Ref. : 4457

Designed for serious extended use, yet with elegant outside styling makes the 8x22 Ultrasharp ideal for travel, theater and sporting events. The Ultrasharp's optical performance will also make them a joy to use on birds and wildlife.

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Steiner Optics

How Steiner Optics tells their brand Story. In 1947, in the face of demolished infrastructures and a collapsed economy, Karl Steiner started a one-man workshop in Bayreuth, Germany, obsessed with a single goal: creating optical products so functional, sturdy and uniformly flawless that nothing in the chaotic, mass-production post-war world could compare. Steiner world-class lenses, coatings and prisms are created, perfected and produced in Germany, enduring the most exhaustive production, inspection, testing and approval process in the industry – lenses alone go through 460 exacting steps.

Steiner Optics makes trusted optics for life’s defining moments. The successful pursuit and capture of these moments demands the fast and precise detection, location and identification of a distant objective.

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