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Nannini Compact 1 Cristal

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ULTRATHIN GLASSES COLLECTION TO CORRECT PRESBYOPIA. PFT (Pivoting Folding Temples) patented mechanism enable the temples to have a double movement (rotation and flexion). This technology allows them to be folded and stored in a tough polypropylene case of only 10 mm thickness.

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Nannini is a story of Italian accomplishment, devotion and dedication. In 1962, Nannini made the thinnest eyewear in the world, that was practical and easy to carry around. This is how Compact, the Italian and international prize-winning eyewear line, was born.
In 1972, Nannini production started on a large scale (meticulously Made in Italy, as it is still today) with the purchase of specially  designed machinery to make glasses with lenses. However, it was not until 1976, after an innovative and successful sales campaign which included talking in-store displays, that the name became what it is today....Nannini

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