Izipizi Reading

Izipizi Reading Glasses is a collection to correct presbyopia. Izipizi Reading glasses are innovative and fashionable. Designed to facilitate eyesight on a daily basis, frames are available in a range of strengths, colours and styles. Each pair is packaged in a card gift box with soft felt pouch.

Discover Izipizi Reading, accessible to all.

Presbyopia is an age-related condition that causes blurred near vision. It typically starts at around age 40 and affects everyone, even those who've never had vision problems before.

Here is an idea of the magnification you will need: around 40 years vous will need +1.00, around 45 years +1.50, around 50 ans +2.00, around 55 ans +2.50 and around 60 ans +3.00.

You can also take of the lenses of this glasses to add your own prescription.

We are Opticians and specialist of presbyopia. This type of glasses will not replace a good control with a eye care professional.

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