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Vuarnet VL1709 ICE
Autres coloris

Vuarnet ICE 1709 Collection Crystal Mat Rouge Mat Bleu Grey Polar Blue Flashed

Ref. : VL170900081626

€225.00 (tax incl.)

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Autres coloris


How Vuarnet tells their brand Story. Vuarnet sunglasses, French Compagny, are world reknowned for their exceptional optical performance and have set the standard for sunglass excellence. This legendary reputation is the result of many years of experience combining "savoir-faire" with the finest raw materials. A flair of innovation and state-of-the-art craftsmanship are demonstrated at every stage of the production process. The results, sunglasses which are timeless, sophisticated and 100% effective. From the highest mountaintop to the bluest seas, across the heated deserts to the glare of everyday life, Vuarnet sunglasses keep the scenery in true perspective. Vuarnet sunglasses combine style with top level performance that truly stand the test of time. Vuarnet sunglasses THE HALLMARK OF HIGH QUALITY.

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