Swarovski Adaptateur photo TLS 800 / ATS, STS, ATM, STM


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Swarovski foto equipment Telefoto lens System for using observation telescopes as 800 mm telephoto.

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    The TELEPHOTO LENS SYSTEM TLS 800 is suitable for all single lens reflex cameras - whether classic or digital. It is a photographic lens and telescopic eyepiece in one. The telescope and single lens reflex camera combine to form a photo unit with a focal length of 800 mm. High-powered, compact and favourably priced.

    Data sheet : Swarovski Adaptateur photo TLS 800 / ATS, STS, ATM, STM

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    The Brand

    How Swarovski Optik tells their brand Story. The story of Austrian entrepreneurial history also began in 1895 when, after inventing the world’s first electric grinding machine for jewelry stones, Daniel Swarovski established the family-owned company in the province of Tyrol. Since then, the name Swarovski has become synonymous worldwide with clearest crystal, precision grinding and a brilliant spirit of innovation, as the original enterprise continued branching out into additional lines of business. Today, the companies of the Swarovski Group supply the world with polished jewelry stones and crystal products, grinding and cutting tools, as well as sports optics. 

    With all the producy they set the highest standards in terms of optics, design, functionality, and quality. The SWAROVSKI OPTIK team includes numerous nature lovers. That’s why they know exactly what is important: experiencing, seeing, recognizing, and discovering the beauty of nature. What drives SWAROVSKI OPTIK is the desire to develop the most crystal-clear binoculars – by nature lovers, for nature lovers.

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