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Suunto Foot POD enables you to measure and record speed and distance information when walking, running, or jogging - in a fun and stylish way. Compatible with T3, T4, T6.

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    Suunto Foot POD enables you to measure and record speed and distance information when walking, running, or jogging - in a fun and stylish way. Accurately assess your running performance with the lightweight and durable Suunto Foot POD. Clipped securely on your shoelace and coupled with your Suunto T3, T4, T6, Suunto Foot POD allows you to monitor and record your real-time speed, distance, and pace data - essential for runners, walkers, or joggers who want to improve their performance and optimize their training. Improve your long-distance conditioning by setting speed limit alerts to warn you if you go above or below your personal limits - an ideal tool for marathon pacing and mixed-intensity training. When interval training, capture automatic lap times and distances to help you better monitor your performance and increase your overall training efficiency. Get a complete understanding of each training session by combining the detailed running information recorded by your Suunto Foot POD with the physiological data compiled by your Suunto heart rate monitor. For added security, an extended battery life of up to 200 hours will help ensure that you don't miss a step of information. Mile after mile, hour after hour, make every step count - clip on your Suunto Foot POD and start your journey. - Easy to use: Foot POD needs just to clip on the shoelace - It goes automatically on/off - Lightweight: 27g / 0,95 oz including battery, which is user replaceable - Battery life 200 hours - Water resistant: 30m / 100ft - Disturbance free ANT-transmission


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    The Brand

    Suunto’s Wristop Computers offer the outdoorsman all features necessary to get maximum pleasure out of the outdoor experience. Suunto was born in Finland more than 80 years ago, when championship-level orienteer and keen outdoor enthusiast Tuomas Vohlonen invented the mass production method for the liquid filled compass. Since then, Suunto has been at the forefront of innovation, hand crafting premium sports watches, instruments and dive computers that have been tested in the world’s harshest conditions. From the beginning of time, man has explored. All that has changed are the tools.

    They are manufactured with the highest quality components, durable construction, and a large, easy to read digital display. Whether biking, hiking, skiing or climbing, the cutting edge technology and user friendly functions make Suunto Wristop Computers the ideal outdoor companions.

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